Air Umbrella

Can you tell it’s actually umbrella? It’s suppose to suck in air from the bottom and blow out at the top certain way to blow away dropping rain. Humm… Does it really work? It would be real neat if it actually work. My kids would love this. I wonder how much it cost...

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Real Laser Gun

This is toy that shouldn’t be a toy. It’s real Laser Gun and it’s too dangerous. However, If you still want one, you can get it from below site. Source:Laser...

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Dodge Tomahawk

This beauty cost about $500,000 This thing can reach 60 miles in about 2.5 seconds and has top speed of 400 mph!...

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I am not really into tattoo. However, this is one beautiful tattoo. I hope she don’t get old, so, her tattoo won’t get out of

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Skin Deep

Beautiful Human in Art Form Photographer:Julien Manigand Source:Palast...

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HYT Watch

Looks impressive, isn’t it? You can get one for just $45,000 Source:HYT HYT – THE HYDRO MECHANICAL HOROLOGISTS

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